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We've lost two participants from the Sexuality and Fanfic panel at Nine Worlds, with the result that representation on this item is not as wide-ranging as we would wish. Note that this is absolutely no reflection on our remaining panellists, we are simply seeking a greater range of views and input.

The panel description is:

Sunday 10 August
Sexuality and Fanfic
Exploring depictions of sexuality in fanworks
The panel discuss the depiction of sexuality in fanfic. Many fanwriters are writing about sex acts that are outside their experience: others may be projecting their own experiences or fantasies onto canon characters. Why do some writers depict a particular character as generally straight, but 'gay for [insert name here]'? How accurate / credible are fanfic depictions of sex and sexuality? Why does it matter if we get things wrong?"
Hazel Robinson (M), Emma England, Hannah

Will you be at Nine Worlds on the Sunday, and are you interested in this topic? If you would like to appear on this item and join the discussion, please email fanfic@nineworlds.co.uk.

We are particularly eager to hear from those who feel that their orientation is not fairly or accurately represented in fanfic. Depending on the level of response, we will either add panellists, or open up the item as a roundtable discussion instead. In either case, we will be seeking audience input throughout.

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