Tickets for the swordplay workshops with Miltos Yerolemou (Syrio Forel in GoT) go on sale at midday tomorrow on the Nine Worlds website. They will go very quickly, so be ready if you want one!
Sorry we've been a bit quiet lately. We've had the programme brainstorm, and we have something approaching a first draft of the fanfic programme. Thanks so much to those who submitted ideas; we've used as many of them as we possibly could. Now we need to develop titles and descriptions, and start fitting people to programme. If you've volunteered, we'll be in touch!

But first, it's the Nine Worlds press reception at the Science Museum tomorrow. We're busy packing for that right now, and we'll be working on Nine Worlds all day tomorrow (culminating in the writing date as usual). We've been saving all our exciting news for the press, but once the press reception's over we'll be able to start announcing some interesting guests and plans.
We'll be writing as usual tomorrow, but whereas some of us normally hang about til Starbucks kick us out at 7.30pm, tomorrow we'll be packing up and leaving promptly at 7 to go and see Winter Soldier. Just in case you were thinking of joining us late-ish. All are welcome to join the cinema trip: 7.45pm at West India Quay.
If you have any programme suggestions for the fanfic stream at the convention, please leave them in comments below. Anon posting is enabled; make sure you're logged out if you want to be anonymous. Either fully-formed programme items or vague ideas are welcome.

If you'd like to be on fanfic programme, please leave a comment and let us know your areas of interest. You'll need to identify yourself for this, but you don't need a dreamwidth or LJ account. Just tell us your badge name.

You can also email

We can't promise to use every idea or find a spot for everyone, but we'll do our absolute best.

If you have suggestions for other tracks, but you're not sure where they belong, you can leave those here too and we'll pass them on. Tracks are not yet finalised so it may take a while to sort out, but we will make sure someone considers every idea.

Thank you!
So, party games! Everyone at the party was very enthusiastic about the fic-pairing game, so here's some background ... Read more... )
Thanks so much to all who came along to the party. We had an awesome evening, and you are all wonderful.

To celebrate International Women's Day, we asked for recs for Awesome Women in Fanfic. Now that I've stopped being distracted by reading/watching, here they are:


The Sellout by Sisabet and Sweetestdrain (multi-fandom)

One Girl Revolution by Superchick (multi-fandom)

Run Boy Run by hollywoodgrrl (Game of Thrones)

Fanfic recs under here )Thanks so much to all who contributed!


2/3/14 22:57
So, it’s less than a week til the party. We’re getting excited! Cosplay is being planned. Hair dye has been ordered. Music is being playlisted. Prizes are being collected.

Here’s a summary of what we have planned:

- The theme is Women In Fanfic.

- We’ll have a recs board for awesome women in fic. Please bring your recommendations!

- There will be flash fiction challenges, focusing on female characters.

- Cosplay! Note that this is not compulsory in any way, but if you’d like to, we’d like you to.

- Non-stop fannish music. We will also have quiet areas for chatting.

- We’re bringing a few appropriate games. Feel free to bring more.

- There will be random prizes for things. Not all of them will consist of (extremely desirable) toot lying about Kate’s house, but some of them might.

- By popular request, there will be name labels. You can write these yourself, using whichever name you would like to be known by.

You can help! Submit music requests here, If you have other ideas and suggestions for the party, leave a comment on this post or email Thank you!

Details and RSVP links for the party are here.
We would really like at least a few more RSVPs to our 1 Million Fanworks party in London on 8th March. We will go ahead regardless, but some more confirmations would make it more fun and less worrying for us.

The party is a good chance to meet other fanfic fans and organisers, discuss any ideas you have for the con, and generally chill out in a fan-friendly environment.

It’s going to be awesome! The theme will be Women in Fanfic. We’ve got music and games planned, there will be a flashfic challenge and a recs board, and we may do some scratch panels or round table discussions if there’s demand for that. All are welcome, but we need everyone to tell us they’re coming!

The full details and RSVP links are here. We’d really appreciate anything you can do to spread the word among UK fanfic fans.

Thank you!
We'll be writing as usual on Thursday evening this week, but as we hope to have a special guest, there will also be a meal afterwards. More socialising yay! We'll organise the when and where on the night, but we thought we'd warn you in case you want to clear diaries or budget more. We'll try to keep it as cheap and accessible as possible.
Tomorrow's writing date may be hosted by Tony (from 5pm) and Kate (from 5.30pm) rather than River. There may also be a different penguin in attendance, but there will definitely still be a penguin. These things are important.

General details here
We’re throwing a party in London on 8 March, to celebrate 1 million fanworks on AO3. Details here ...

And now I'm happily compiling six hours of music with a fannish twist! (Remixes, mashups, songs that have inspired fanvids I adore, songs I've discovered through fandom ...) You can help :) Leave a comment with your request -- and a link to the song, if possible -- and I'll try to include it. (No guarantees though!)
We've been asked to provide a way for people to submit programme suggestions anonymously, so here it is. You can leave them in the comments on this post, and we promise not to track you. Make sure you're logged out of Dreamwidth if you have an account, or you won't be anon! Of course you can also comment here while logged in, or leave us your badge name if you don't have a Dreamwidth, if you don't mind us knowing who you are. Or you can email

We probably won't be able to accommodate all suggestions, because we have limited programme slots. And we're already committed to a lot of crossovers with other streams. But please, please submit suggestions anyway. Your ideas will help us to balance the programme and allow more voices to be heard. And we can always save some things for next year.

If you've already told us your ideas, we should have them on the list. But unless you've seen Kate typing them into the spreadsheet (some of you have!) then please send them again; we're only human, and we don't want to miss anything.

If you'd like to volunteer to be on programme for us, please let us know. Obviously you'll have to identify yourself for that!

If you have programme requests for other streams, you can also leave them here and we'll pass them on.

The whole point of Nine Worlds is that it's run by fans for fans, so tell us what you want to see. Many thanks for your help!
River, Kate and Tony will be there. Anyone else? Details here.
There’s a lot going on with Nine Worlds Fanfic right now, so we thought it might be helpful to summarise:

Weekly writing dates have started up on Thursday evenings in London. Details here.

We’re off to the launch of TheGeekAgenda on 14 February. Join us? Cosplay is positively encouraged. There's a Facebook event with all the details here.

We’re throwing a party in London on 8 March, to celebrate 1 million fanworks on AO3. As we’re also celebrating International Women’s Day, the theme will be Women In Fanfic. Details here, We’d like you to RSVP if you’re coming, so we can keep track of numbers.

We’re starting fanfic programme planning in earnest very soon. If there’s something you’d like to see on programme, or if you’d like to volunteer to help or be on programme yourself, please email us on

There’ve been lots of developments this weekend on Nine Worlds Geekfest itself:

Hotel bookings have just gone live here.

We need help to make the 2014 convention even more awesome. There are some specific volunteer vacancies here, including a few track heads. Please take a look and see if you can help.

The feedback report from 2013 is now up on the website here.

The roundup video from 2013 is up here.

If you don’t have your ticket yet, the fairly early rate (£75) expires on 2nd March, so buy yours now if you can. Tickets here.
Nine Worlds Fanfic is throwing a party to celebrate 1 million fanworks on Details below:

Date: Saturday 8 March 2014
Time: 5pm-11pm
Venue: The Blue Lion, 133 Grays Inn Road, London WC1X 8TU

Access: There is a 2" step up from the street, after which everything is on one level. Assistance is available; please email us on if you're at all worried, and we'll help.

Children: are welcome with no restrictions, so feel free to bring the family.

If you would like to join us, we need you to RSVP: Here on Doodle please. You can use a pseud if you'd prefer that. There is also a Facebook event with these details here: please only RSVP once (there, or on Doodle). Doodle is better for privacy, if that's a concern for you.

We will have exclusive use of the pub between 5-11pm. Everyone is welcome, but we do need to know who's coming so we can make sure we don't exceed the venue capacity. Please fill in the Doodle RSVP poll, or reply to the Facebook event, to let us know.

There will be a cash bar, and food can be ordered (including veggie options). The Blue Lion changes its menu weekly, but samples are available on their website. If you have special dietary requirements, please let us know and we'll make arrangements.

As 8 March is International Women's Day, our theme for the party will be Women In Fanfic. We're planning a suitable flashfic challenge so we can boost that fanworks total a bit, and we'll have a recs board for Awesome Women In Fic. There will be a quiet area for chatting, and some other games available too. Let us know if you have ideas for things you'd like to do/see; comment below, or email

Tanya is in charge of the music playlist. She's taking requests here.
We’re delighted to say that River has very kindly agreed to host a weekly writing date for us! Starting on 6 February, River will be in Starbucks on Minories every Thursday between 5-7pm. River has blue hair, and will make sure to bring a stuffed penguin as a not-terribly-secret sign.

All are welcome, and you can do any type of writing (or editing, or beta-reading), but fanfic is the plan. Writing rather than chatting is also the plan, but if the muse isn’t present, of course you can indulge in chat with anyone else suffering the same problem. Ludi and Kate will be there as often as possible, and we’ll provide cover if River can’t make it.

River will be around until about 7 each Thursday, but things are likely to continue until Starbucks closes at 7.30pm. We’ll try to colonise the long table in the middle.

We’re experimenting with doing this on Thursdays to start with. If that doesn’t work for you, let us know, and we’ll see about mixing things up later on.


26/1/14 23:22
Kate's been asking permission to recommend and discuss some of her favourite fic in an article about alternate universes. This is a legitimate request, please say yes if you can. Thanks!
Some of the Nine Worlds crew, including Kate, are planning to head to TheGeekAgenda's launch party on 14 February. Join us? Cosplay is positively encouraged. There's a Facebook event with all the details here. Please let them know if you’re coming along.

If identity is an issue and you’d rather not RSVP on Facebook, just let us know and we’ll pass the message on.


24/1/14 22:48
If we threw a party in London to celebrate Archive Of Our Own reaching 1 million fanworks (when they do, of course, but we think it's imminent), would you come?