Thanks so much to everyone who attended and presented at and participated in the 2014 convention, and especially the fanfic track. It was a great weekend, and you made it so. We're still recovering, but our thoughts are already turning to next year, and how we can do things better.

If you have specific fanfic track feedback, it would be useful if you could send it to us directly. You can comment on this post (anon commenting is allowed, and will remain so unless it is abused), or you can email us on fanfic@nineworlds.co.uk.

You can talk to us about anything, including what you liked, but we're especially interested in what didn't work for you. This was only our second year, and we're after continuous improvement. We need your help to achieve that, and we'd be really grateful if you can spare some time to write to us.

If you come up with ideas, suggestions and plans for next year as a result of thinking about this, we'd love to hear those too. We're most emphatically *not* doing any planning yet, but we are collecting all suggestions together so that we can find them when we are. So if you have a fanfic-related talk you're burning to give, or a panel you want to see or be on, or a workshop idea, then by all means let us know now. We can't make any promises about next year's content, but your input is very valuable and we'll take it whenever you want to provide it.


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