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Nine Worlds Geekfest: 7-9 August 2015, London

If you have any programme suggestions for the fanfic stream at the convention, please leave them in comments below. Anon posting is enabled; make sure you're logged out if you want to be anonymous. Either fully-formed programme items or vague ideas are welcome. You can also email fanfic@nineworlds.co.uk.

If you'd like to be on fanfic programme, please leave a comment or email fanfic@nineworlds.co.uk, and let us know your areas of interest. You'll need to identify yourself for this, but you don't need a dreamwidth or LJ account. Just tell us your badge name and email address.

We can't promise to use every idea or find a spot for everyone, but we'll do our absolute best.

If you don't want to be on programme but would still like to be involved, could you commit to looking after the track for a session or two? We'd really appreciate this. All you need to do is stay in the room, be approachable, and let us know of any issues (contact methods provided).

We'll be at Dysprosium (Eastercon) 3-6 April at the Park Inn Heathrow. If you'd like to discuss Nine Worlds Fanfic programme, come and find us in the bar, or let us know here if you'd like to arrange to meet at Eastercon.

Please send us any programme ideas before 15 April 2015, after which we'll be squeezing in our brainstorming session before Age of Ultron is released. If you'd like to be a programme participant you can let us know any time, but the earlier you tell us the more likely it is we'll be able to find you a spot.

If you have suggestions for other tracks, but you're not sure where they belong, you can leave those here too and we'll pass them on. Tracks are not yet finalised so it may take a while to sort out, but we will make sure someone considers every idea.

Feedback on last year is still welcome, and you can post here anonymously.

Thank you!

Random Ideas

10/3/15 22:49 (UTC)
Posted by (Anonymous)
Fandom wars (stolen from friendship track from 2013) - a round session where you argue why your fandom is best based on a few prompts (best catchphrase, best fiction etc)

Flash Fiction - a random plot is generated and you write a very short story based on the idea for your chosen fandom? Perhaps even as short form prose or poetry.

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11/3/15 16:11 (UTC)
pensnest: Drawing of Victorian woman, caption Oh my (Victorian Oh My)
Posted by [personal profile] pensnest
I'd love to be involved again. I really enjoyed being on panels, even if some of them were a bit intimidating (!), and I would also be willing to be fanfic room shepherd here and there. I'm planning on getting to the hotel on the Thursday, so if you need help with setting up in any way, I should be available for that, too.

If I can think of any interesting discussion material I will put it forward. Am a bit devoid of ideas at the moment!

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11/3/15 22:11 (UTC)
Posted by (Anonymous)
I really liked being part of the programme last year, I'd love to be again.

I have one idea that might be interesting - RPF: Why do we like it and can we go too far? A discussion about what attracts people to RPF in the first place, why their fandoms are cool and maybe where we draw our boundaries? RPF has existed in loads of forms through the years and the fourth wall has occasionally been breached, does that affect how people create and consume RPF? Plus, with things like gossip columns and tabloids, does RPF's claim (normally) to be entirely fictional set it aside from gossip/media?

I don't know if it's of any interest to anyone else, but I thought I'd throw it out there!

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11/3/15 22:12 (UTC)
lullula: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] lullula
.....Way to go for not logging in, self!

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13/3/15 19:06 (UTC)
centrumlumina: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] centrumlumina
I'd be interested in taking part again! In addition to the fandom stats stuff, I'm the moderator of Femslash Revolution on Tumblr, so I'd be happy to talk about F/F and representations of women in fandom if you're running anything along those lines.

(no subject)

16/3/15 12:52 (UTC)
cosmic_llin: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] cosmic_llin
Oooh, I'd love to see some more femslash-focused content, I really enjoyed the femslash panel the first year!

(I'd also love to see discussion about gen/friendship fic but I don't have any specific ideas to suggest...)

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18/3/15 19:07 (UTC)
selenay: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] selenay
I'd also be thrilled to see more femslash-focused content! There are now a couple of big genre shows (OUaT, Agent Carter) with large femslash followings - is there an element that those shows are capturing that other shows miss?

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16/3/15 13:36 (UTC)
zalia: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] zalia
Loved being part of last year's program ^^ Really enjoyable.

How about a panel/discussion about fannish history? How things have changed with the moves from zines to internet, mailing lists to LJ to Tumblr? What were the big fandoms of yesteryear? Also changes in tropes in fanfic. One thing I've noticed is that slash pairings are way more acceptable now than they used to be (when people put slash pairings as a warning) also I see far fewer angsty coming out fics now? Or social issue fics.

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16/3/15 21:59 (UTC)
Posted by (Anonymous)
The rise and rise of the Poly fic. "Everyone Is Poly Because Avengers" (actual AO3 tag :D) Seems to correlate with a rise in visibility of polyamory. How is fandom approaching and representing it?

"Issue fic", representation fic, world-fixing fic.

The re-emergence of the self-insert: "Loki/YOU", "Loki/Reader", "Loki/[your name here]". Is "mainstream" fanfic more welcoming to it, or is the "mainstream" itself splitting and allowing parallel "streams" to coexist in peace?

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18/3/15 19:10 (UTC)
selenay: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] selenay
I'd love to part of the programming if you think I'd fit anywhere :-)

How about a panel/discussion about AUs? The changing trends in them, where they stop being AU and turn into original fiction, why coffee shops and colleges are so popular?

what a good idea!

21/3/15 08:47 (UTC)
Posted by (Anonymous)
What a great suggestion - and some of them are so good they really do cross the boundary into excellent original reads

(no subject)

20/3/15 18:13 (UTC)
Posted by (Anonymous)
I think a crossover panel with LGBT track would be good to see, maybe something on people interpreting characters as LGBT+(where characters are denied or not confirmed as such in the canon).

Something about shipping OT3's/moresomes could be interesting too - what sort of dynamics encourage that in a fandom, discussion of tropes related to it.

This got very very long.

20/3/15 20:30 (UTC)
zellieh: Harry Potter Ravenclaw shield. Text: I think therefore I'm dangerous (HP Ravenclaw I think=I'm dangerous)
Posted by [personal profile] zellieh
I went and checked out some old panel suggestions for an old con that no longer runs; a lot of ideas came up year after year, so I thought I'd suggest those here:

Fans, Fanfiction and Slash in the media: how the media portrays fans, fanfiction, slash and slashers, and FPS and RPS. Do they really not understand where fannish habits and erotica come from? Or is it deliberate misunderstanding to make it sound more salacious?

What does a fandom or canon source have about it that turns it from a way to waste an hour into a fannish obsession? What gets you into a fandom, or makes you want to create fannishly?

What does a character have about them that makes them ficcable or slashable. Are there any characters that you wouldn't dream of ficcing or slashing, or fan-service characters that seem to be there just to be ficced or slashed?

Cliches in fanfic: Good, bad and plain old ugly. The most over used phrases and descriptions in fic writing. Can they ever be a good thing?

Tropes in fanfic. Common ideas and themes that come around again and again. What are the latest fads? What makes those tropes popular? What makes them problematic? (This might need to be split up or tightly focussed on a set of tropes, like mpreg or A/B/O or pon farr, vs fairytales, vs amnesia, vs...well, there's a *lot* of tropes out there.)

The seeping of internet culture into everyday life. Is it a good thing? Does it make it easier to come out as a fan/internet junkie/fic writer when these things go mainstream? Do fanfic writers still do it in secret? Or is fandom finally coming out of the closet?

A kink panel. What's hot in our fandoms lately? What's new? What are the perennial favourites in kink fics? What are our kinks? Is kink-shaming ever okay? Are there any limits, when it comes to kink? How do you research and write kink responsibly?

Demographics, Change and Cultural Norms in Fandom(s). Have fanfic practices and understandings changed? (Different fannish communities, networks and tools, like mailing lists, LJ, FFnet, AO3, Mibba, Deviantart, Tumblr, etc.) What are the next big changes?

Writing in Reboot fandoms: What's it like to be a newbie writing in an old fandom, or an old fan surrounded by newbies? Is new canon vs. old canon sacrilege or an opportunity? (MCU, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Poldark, etc.)

Big or little fandoms: which do you prefer writing for? How do you feel if a fandom dies down or suddenly explodes? Does it affect your creativity?

Historical(ly Inaccurate) Canons (like Merlin or Robin Hood): cultural appropriation or just another stage in folk history? Do you want to fix it in your fic, or just shrug and have fun?

TPTB, Writers, Celebrities: you're doing fan interaction wrong! The ones that need to step away, and the ones that get it right. (And/or the opposite: Fans who need to step away from TPTB, Writers, Celebrities; and fans who get it right.)

Privilege and Discrimination in Fanfic: how to spot it, how to avoid it, how to discuss it without derailing the discussion.

Fannish history & interactions: how did you find fanfic, what was your progress, how do you interact? Zines under the table, Usenet & mailing lists or thru' Tumblr? Are you pre Old!Trek or surfing in via the newest big thing? When you write (or read) are you a One True Fandom person, a Serial monogamist, a Fannish butterfly, or a crazed polygamist? What's your modus operandi?

How to add diversity to your fanfic while avoiding tokenism and stereotypes.

Crack fic: Why do we love it, and stuff that made us laugh out loud. What counts as crack fic, and how do you write it successfully?

AUs: Keeping characters and dynamics we love in new worlds, times, or situations. (from either a writing perspective on universe creation or a reader perspective of what makes an AU "work" for us as readers.)

Closed canons vs open canons: Does the risk of getting jossed (or not) change how you approach your fic? Does new canon material keep your fannish love alive? Do you lose interest when the show's over? Do you relax when the canon's finished? Are readers more grateful for fic when the canon has finished, or do fic ideas start to stagnate?

A panel on OTW, Fanlore, the Journal of Transformative Works and Cultures, the Open Doors project, and the AO3 fic archive.

To Consent or Knot? Fandom's take on consent issues and sexuality in fic. (Underage, A/B/O, Aphrodisiacs/Sex Pollen, and Aliens Made Them Do It, I'm looking at you.)

Sports RPF. Are sports stars a different kind of celebrity to actors or musicians? Is writing Sports RPF different to other RPF? Where are the boundaries? Is the fic different, with different tropes or fashions?

Fanservice & LGBTQIA (in)visibility: Does it affect how/what we write, or which fandoms we write for/avoid? Do we like it, is it baby steps forwards, or is it just rubbing our face in something we'll never get? (possibly in/with LGBTQIA stream?)

Writing Process: what works for you? Advice? Resources? Books? Websites? (possibly including Writer's Block: how to make it go away.)

Fanon vs canon and how fanon affects fic/canon. Do you have to know the canon? How do you write fic for canons you've never really followed? What counts as canon, or fanon? What about interviews and other sources with actors, writers, TPTB?

The Value of Fanfic (and the devaluing of women & fans creativity). Why so few women in authority in the official media? Why are so many threatened by women and fans expressing themselves and their desires in fanfic and other fannish forms? What does fanfic cost us? What are the benefits?

This got very long, so I'm certainly not expecting to see all of these actually run as panels. Will you be putting the panel suggestions up for people to vote on?

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21/3/15 19:02 (UTC)
pensnest: Lance Bass looking very smug, caption Tomorrow the world (Lance tomorrow the world)
Posted by [personal profile] pensnest
I'd just like to say, [personal profile] zellieh has some *awesome* ideas there. I hope you can use lots of them!
Posted by (Anonymous)
I'm keen to help out again this year - I really enjoyed taking part in the panels on vidding and the sexuality and fandom roundtable. Am happy to try my hand at moderating a panel again - I rather enjoyed it & facilitating conversation without interrupting people's train of thought is a fun skill to practice.

I also have a lot of miscellaneous panel ideas which I will add once I can string them together properly!

- Hannah/graydose

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