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Here are the vids we played at the welcome party / games night on Thursday night.
NB: this is not [personal profile] such_heights's vid programme from Friday night.

(Vidder names from the vid post as listed: please let us know if any need changing!)

How Captain America The Winter Soldier Should Have Ended
MCU: Raise Your Glass - such heights
Multifandom: We Didn't Start The Fire, multifandom meta/history vid - fiercynn and scribe
Pacific Rim: Electric Twist - Alyce is here
How to Train Your Dragon: Hello Seattle - Alexis Miller
Jurassic Park: they_want_more - bironic
How to Train Your Dragon: Where No One Goes - BeccyCakeMC
Bringing Up Baby: Lovin' You - thirdblindmouse
MCU: Avengers The Musical 2 - DailyAsgardianNews
Multifandom: Multifandom Mashup 2013 - Pteryx
Multifandom: Slash is Everywhere - Rumrouz
MCU: Bucky Barnes, Bad Moon Rising - ocanisdirus
Stargate Atlantis: AnotherSunday - jescaflowne
Multifandom: anythingforlove -Astolat & Cesperanza
Stargate Atlantis: Bohemian - Astolat
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid: Ain't No Easy Way - danegen
Multifandom: The Price - thingswithwings
Multifandom: She's a Rebel - kaydee falls
Wonder Woman: Titanium - giandujakiss
Multifandom: Wings - Rhea314
Orphan Black: Close to Home - shinyjenni
RED: Killer Queen - llintrek
MCU (Black Widow): In The Bull Pen - genusshrike
MCU: Counting Stars - such heights
Captain America: Holding out for a hero - SupernaturalMusicVideos
Captain America: Problem – Talitha78
Agents of Shield (Melinda May): Feeling Good – mithborien
Avengers, Earth's Mightiest Heroes: Your Disco Needs You – thingswithwings
Multi-fandom: One-night fandoms - eruthros and thingswithwings
Sherlock Holmes (Ritchie movies) Fever – Talitha78
The Losers: Journey – Franzeska
Inception: Don't Lose Yourself – fallslikeicarus
Pacific_Rim: Movement in the Breach – brokenmnemonic
The Losers: Pump It – sdwolfpup
Legend of the Seeker: Party in the Midlands – Millylicious
Multifandom: We go Together – thingswithwings
Doctor Who (Jack Harkness): 51st century guy – KirrilyRobert
Star Trek: I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper – llintrek
MCU: Earthquake – talitha78
Lego Star Wars: - 9 to 5 by eruthros
Doctor Who: handlebars – flummery
Code Name Verity: When Brakes Get Wet - thatfangirl
Revengers Tragedy (2002 film) Black black heart – astolat+melymbrosia
Orphan Black: Rootless – dayln03
Pirates of the Caribbean: Gravity – permetaform
Game of Thrones: Thistle and Weed – sisabet
Smallville: I Swear – dualbunny
Multifandom: unsteady ground – raven
Marx Bros: A Night Like This – thirdblindmouse
Wallace and Gromit: Wherever You Will Go – rhoboat77
Blues Brothers: Citizens of the World – Trutgras
Community: How Far We've Come – purplefringe
Hunger Games: In the 99 – Llintrek
Multifandom: We Can Dance if We Want To – Rumrouz
Thor : Flyweight Love - such heights
Pushing Daisies: Ne Me Quitte Pas – purplefringe
Marvel Comics: Come Round for Tea – garrideb
MCU (Steve / Bucky): Shattered Ones - TatyanaOracle
MCU (Steve / Bucky): somebody to die for - mundanemuggle
Welcome to Night Vale: Bloody Shirt – unfinishedidea
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