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We invited y'all to post recs on the notice board in the Fanfic room: here they are!

A Place in the Choir (Ylvis - The Fox) - Greenbirds
A beautiful fic based on the craziest of songs. Would read a novel of it. The old and the new clash with the last of summer's children.

Irisbleufic on AO3
Cannot rec enough for all of her fandoms especially Good Omens (Crowley/Aziraphale), Pacific Rim (Newt/Hermann)

Gravitation (MCU - Steve/Bucky) - Odsbodkins
Awesome, rich and lush. Great for people without comics background!

Copperbadge on AO3
Literally anything by Copperbadge, especially Ironsides (MCU) and Cartographer's Craft (Harry Potter)

Lust Over Pendle (Harry Potter: Draco / Neville) - AJHall
Fic good enough that it makes the pairing work. Post-war AU with mystery and danger and a realy well-written supportive relationship.

Teaching Toph (Avatar: the Last Airbender) - blankdreamer-13
Whilst in Wester Air Temple, Aang ends up teaching Toph Airbending and more, developing ways of Earthbending etc that is influenced by others. Gen with hints of Aang/Toph but easily gen. Funny, sweet, kick-ass Toph.

Toasterverse (Avengers) - scifigrl47
it is fab!

Written by the Victors (Stargate: Atlantis) - Speranza
What if they found 5 ZPMs? What if they broke from Earth to stay and stand with Pegasus? What if Earth ain't so happy? Mix between prose like normal fic and historical textbook, one from one side and one from the other.

Just Stay Alive (MCU: Bucky, Steve, Sam) - Dira Sudis
the tags say it all: "Polyamory, Bucky Barnes Has Issues, Dating, Secondary Trauma"

Chyetirye (MCU: Bucky, Steve) - skyisgray
Bucky has multiple personalities. ... very dark, especially to start with, but wonderfully well-written and non-horrid ending.

Crisis of Infinite Twilights (MLP) - defender2222
An MLP take on putting as many characters from every other fandom into one mad fic - no Pony knowledge is required.

Wings (MCU, Steve/Sam) - Astolat
For everyone who feels that Steve/Bucky is too traumatic / doomed / nostalgic. Astolat's written more Steve/Sam, also worth checking out!

Another Man's Cage (Silmarillion) - Dawn Felagund
The very broad-strokes approach of the Silmarillion makes it fertile grond for some really excellent fanfic. This one (about the family of FĂ«anor in Valinor pre-Exile)is available on the Silmarillion Writers' Guild, as are many other excellent fics by this and other authors.

Uneven Odds (Teen Wolf / Suits crossover: Derek/Stiles, Mike/Harvey) - Dark_K
Where Stiles is Harry's half-brother and ends up living with him in New York.

And finally, a link to Lulu's AO3 survey results! here
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